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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PST

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>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is robert [unintelligible] and i still go regularly to stow lake in search of exercise and some serenity in this very busy city. we have heard what fine folks the ortega's are. i have no doubt that they are. i understand there run a good operation. but that is not really the question. as legislators i ask you to look more broadly that the issue. what is the full context in which this issue was raised? of that a time when parks and recreation is short of money, it would be naive to ignore that. on the other hand, it is being raised in a context in which the policy, with respect to the use
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of park assets, has not been clearly formulated. that formulation will only come after the historic preservation commission has the opportunity to examine it. i ask you, as legislators that have the breadth and wisdom and maturity, to ask yourselves, am i sure that i am right? because what happens to this boat house, it will become the least common denominator. what happens to the rest of those historic structures? for heaven's sake, put this on the shelf until the historic preservation commission has an opportunity to advise you. you can read their opinions and accept them or reject them in your own good judgment. but you do not have enough operation right now. [tone]
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thank you. >> susan [unintelligible] pardon? supervisor chu: the microphone. >> by and against going ahead. repeating what the last two speakers said. i would like to read a list from the stow lake boat house coalition supporters. the audubon society, the san francisco coalition society, the son said action commission, the golden gate preservation alliance, telegraph hill dwellers, take back our parks, keep the arboretum free, the stove family, hopkins, grandson
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of warren architect, david paul r.. north side san francisco, ashley wolff, author stello roy, the story of stellate -- stow lake post card club. my parents took me there. i have taken my children that are now adults. it is not somewhere the to go for a restaurant. we have a million restaurants in san francisco. the important part is keeping the tranquillity and have the part not become another tourist
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attraction in a negative way. supervisor chu: thank you. >> my name is kristin neighborly. by m. forsaking the boat house. i was just in carlsbad caverns last year. everyone keeps talking about food. when i heard that there were five or six tables replace that this boat house, but i have heard is that they're going to be losing money on the food. not that the ortega's do not serve food. we do not need another caesar salad. we need a historic but house. we need to save about house. we do not need to save grace. we need bicycles. we need something charming in
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golden gate park. we do not need another commercial teacher joint. i walked in there with a huge community of people every day. there is an entire community of people that love the bucolics ready. i believe in saving the boat house historically. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> my name is sandra we'll and i m proposed to this change of use. i have documents to be included in the record. as you know, our local coalition is against this change. but we have provided you numerous solutions for this very bad lease, which must be
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included as you move forward. for example, page 24 we see that they shall not be required to make repairs or alterations, including improvements, in connection with seismic retrofit. since the least he does not pay, guess who will? please ask the city attorney if this was misinterpreted or if the city is going to be on the hook for this money because of the changes in use? it is fiscally irresponsible to expose the city to on known seismic costs. rpd has said that the city has no funds for this facility. where is this money going to come from for the change of use?
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are you willing to gamble with our budget dollars pelops is it worth the risk tuesday -- to change a successful boating business model just to put in an unwanted internet cafe and get shot? in one of the documents it specifically says -- for the convenience of visitors we will provide internet wireless. sorry, i do not want another starbucks. if they say that they will not do that, put it in the lease. there are holes all over this lease. but the protections and solutions we have provided to you in the lease. supervisor chu: thank you. >> my name is carmela
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[unintelligible] and i find it sad and arrogant that these people have gotten up and said they do not want to bring their children there because of the condition of the boat house. you can walk the lake without having to walk into the boat house. you can turn your face to the other direction so that you do not have to look at the boat house. i thought it was pathetic. very commendable but you have gone to meer woods i agree with the fact -- let's keep it for the folks that live in san francisco. they go to the museum, many people these tourists, they do not walk there. i see families on the weekend.
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strollers, dogs, and children. yes, the boat house needs to be repaired. but we had a gentleman, there was a wonderful article in the sunday paper, he was a philanthropist. he put a lot of money in our campaign to win. why can he not fix the boat house? thank you. supervisor chu: next speaker. >> the city charter has given you the power to look at the larger picture. when we first proposed to eliminate the current bender family the neighbors got together and obtained 800 signatures.
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this is quite extraordinary. this is the kind of support that our parks need. it should not be thrown away. i would like to address the larger picture. sadly, the department has panicked. one course of action might have been to appeal to the community to find ways to fund the parks. a clear but misguided policy to sell our parks and park facilities. public programs are being eliminated and privatization is coming in without considering the wishes of the neighbors. we have seen this with dolores " -- park, clubhouses, and the factory. the department has offered no resistance to this project.
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is this perhaps because the department will receive payments in return for this land? is the department reduced to selling their facilities to maintain their management budget? a short-term management, it -- crisis will influence -- and flight long-term losses to private control and a widening gap between the people in our parts department. regarding the boat house, the elisse needs to be carefully reviewed and there needs to be input from the historic preservation commission. let the issue be reviewed again and be considered for the benefit of everyone. thank you. supervisor chu: next speaker, please. [tone] supervisor chu: next speaker, please. please come forward. next speaker, please?
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next speaker, please. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is james toooadal. these people still believe in the system. it would be nice to show them that a little bit once. instead of losing all of the time. instead of like when they go up against gay marriages. show the people this time, you know what i am saying, that the people get what they want. supervisor chu: next speaker,
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please. >> i would like to have your attention. we have been waiting a long time. my name is suzanne from the save the boat house coalition. we have the support of not only the stow family descendants, as well as the golden gate audubon society and the sierra club. why? they know that our position is the correct one for taking care of the park and preserving it for everyone. the bid and selection process was completely unjust. the panel was handpicked by the staff and full of insiders.
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the community representative position that was promised never occurred. a sunshine ordinance violation with regards to the issue was issued last year. the lease ignored community will, revenue, committing the park to spending money it does not have on the boat shack, lighting, fire code upgrades, etc. the lease is full of holes and needs to be reviewed more carefully. the nomination is pending at the historic preservation commission. if you vote to approve this lease, the boat house interior landmark -- the lease would be
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largely nullified based on the fact that the lease calls for the gutting of the entire top floor of the boat house. it was built in the 1940's and for nearly 25 years the designer produce tell-all list of notable structures in the area. a rare example of an intact both house and should remain so. please do not approve this lease. it is bad for san francisco. [tone] supervisor chu: thank you. >> hello, commissioners. i represent the third generation of my family as an sesthe curret concessionaire at the lake. the information you have been given is not correct. the harvey roads office did not see a copy, and neither did the
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port commissioners. instead these decisions are being made based on a summary provided to you by the staff, which is not accurate. today when they talked about revenues being down since 2000, that makes it sound like we are not doing a good job. they failed to mention the academy of sciences and the museum was closed for renovations. the press, the public, everyone listening to this been going on right now believes i only offered $23,000 in capital improvements in my bid, as opposed to 10 times as much for the vote -- for the ortega bid. is just not true. they include a contractor feet of $10,000. that was included in my bid. i have an alarm system. it did not go in my bid.
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their bid says 19. they were going to modify the entire interior. we offered to upgrade kitchen equipment, as the day. architectural fees are built into their bid, also included in mind. in the tenant improvements section, they did include the purchase of personal property. [tone] supervisor chu: thank you. the supervisor has a question for you. supervisor mirkarimi: i want to try to understand. having listened closely to all sides and all comments, the prevailing opinion is that
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significant improvement needs to be in the area you have been an operator of. i am sure the to have an opinion about that here in the board of supervisors. and it sounds like through the audience. you have been the current operator. that seems to be a responsibility you have shouldered. in light of that, if there was an opportunity for you to jump to the standard of improving conditions and speaking to the needs of the city, what happened? we are getting very mixed messages as to why either your bid was not received -- did it get lost in the mail, for lack of a better phrase? what happened in this regard? on the receiving end of the
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process, by the time has come to was, it is very model. i would like you to elaborate on that. keep in mind that in the back of my mind i am also thinking -- is this sour grapes that make you protest? we are also trying to figure out the reality of the motivation and, of course, our intent is to make sure that people -- and i want to go further, as i am hearing parts of what you're saying. >> that is a lot of things. but i get the gist. i understand that it sounds like sour grapes. as the incumbent concessionaire, we would not be here. i do not know what happened on the bid. i would implore you, i would beg
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you, please go to the park and ask them for my original bid that i submitted. the budget analysts office was able to speak with nick and able to go through the summary as provided by the recreation and park department. i wish that they would look at my actual bid. i have a capital improvement section in there. if anyone reads that they will see it does not say $23,000 as my limit. as the incumbent, the position of the boat house was in bad shape. in the last least i was required to paint it three times, that was over 15 years. we did it every two years. the boats are not all 60 years old. the only old boats are the motorboats. there is misinformation there as
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well. i have been purchasing new paddle boats. somehow between my beid being delivered and the right up going to be part commission, the commission voted and approve forwarding it on to you guys based on staff recommendation. they never saw my bid. and then it went to the office of harvey rose. there was a conversation with staff. that office had to rely on the information provided by the park. again, no one gets to see my original bid. and i spent a lot of time on that. i went into quite a bit of detail. what becomes evidence is that -- for get the rent, i did a
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volunteer more rent than you are looking at now. even with these changes. supervisor chsupervisor mirkarik you, you can sit down. mr. rhodes, quickly on this question -- i want to be clear on the thought process here. is that true? did you not see the final bid? or did you see the rent proposed by the current operator portrait -- chosen operator? >> as in every case, within the department we deal with the proposed case. they submit the documentation and represent how the competitive process went and what the bids were. he is correct, we relied upon
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what the department delivered to us. summarized on page 1-5 of our own report. to specifically answer your question, we absolutely did not look at any of the individual bids. we always advise on the process as represented by the department unless the board of supervisors specifically asked us to audit the process because they felt that was wrong, we would never look at anything underlying beyond what the department submitted to us. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. back to public comment. supervisor chu: i believe that there was one final person? if there are members of the public that wish to speak on this item that have not had a chance, please step up. >> good afternoon.
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i would like to thank supervisor mar for the leadership on this issue. he is near and dear to myself and the ortega as. over the past several months we have been asked to speak on two issues. one was to give a presentation on how the ortega family constantly exceeds contractual obligations, exceeding but never boundaries are put out by the national parks service. and they never spoke on how others could have become a good partner on public lands. i
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0.0 off \ human sure that there is a voice that everyone can embrace and appreciate your leadership and getting over these last couple of hurdles so we can implement this for san francisco
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pentos. unheard >> musab work for national pa>> i work for the national parks service says. monththe family really impressed test. they put in a bid for a small spark that people did not really want. but bob--- they put in a bid for a small park. the integrated well with the community. they delivered on every promise. they actually brought people together. they went above and beyond what they promised, and vesting over a quarter of a million dollars. this was a great success and the parks service was very happy
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with them. pin the repeated this at carlsbad caverns is, death valley. -- they repeated this that prospect caverns, that alley. i work for them. we will restore the dignity of the place and we will make you proud. >> thank you, next speaker. i don't think there is that much more to say. if you give us a chance, we will do the very best we can to make still lake as nice as it can be. -- still lakstow lake the as nit
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can be. >> i am opposed to this resolution. my father started the concession in june of 1933. i received my first paycheck in june of 1939. i have been an owner for 30 years. since 1957, 54 years, i have negotiated every existing lease at lake. i have never and all of that time seemed a total lack of transparency and misleading information. this is not a cafe, this is a
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boating venue. it was a boating venue in the late 1800's. the way i read analyst, eccleston city of san francisco is responsible for a d a. that need some clarification. -- the way i read that, on the city of san francisco is responsible. the corp. the upgrade to that of boathouse, the exterior, not converted


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